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Dear readers, I am often so busy telling you my stories, that when I sit down to read yours I become overwhelmed with joy. I am consistently amazed by how your lives have changed for the better! Each month, your testimonials are entered into a random draw and a prize winner is hand-drawn. The winning testimonial is posted here, by me, and the writer receives via email an online Gift Certificate for use on NaturalWellbeing's site!

A big thank-you to this month's winner, Dptdawg from Jackson, MI!

Dptdawg writes:

"I used to get cold sores every 2-3 months on average, until I started taking Trilex about 8 months ago. The first time I felt a sore starting I took 3 capsules 3 times that day, and the sore completely went away without even as much as a blemish. The 2nd time was about 2 months later and again I took 3 capsules 3 times and no sore breakout. The 3rd time I had a sore develop so fast that when i woke up in the morning I had a small blister already started, I was very concerned that it would be too late to stop this one. I actually took 3 capsules the normal 3 times that day and the sore din't get any larger so I took the same dosage the next day and the sore slowly dried up and went away without any noticeable marks or abrasions. I am the most skeptical person you will ever see when it comes to medical products actually working but Trilex actually does exactly what it says it does and even more.. I was a believer the first and second time taking it, but to have it reverse the blister effect without any abrasions was absolutely a godsend. Thank you Trilex for helping get my life back to normal."

Congratulations, Dptdawg! And happy holiday shopping!

Love, Sage

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