Check In with Yourself for Sexual Health Month

Interest in sex comes naturally to many women. But for others, practicing intimacy with their partners requires a conscious effort. Every woman should take stock of how they feel about sex, regardless of whether they’re sexually active or what changes are happening in their lives.

Sexual Health Month is coming up, which poses many questions about sexual relationships, pleasure during sex and the desire for sex in general. If you’ve experienced low sex drive lately, lifestyle changes and communication with your partner can improve your sexual health.

Signs of low sex drive in women

Sexual Health Month is a good reminder to reflect on how you feel about sex. It’s perfectly normal for your sex drive to fluctuate, especially during periods of hormonal changes like pregnancy or menopause. Every woman is different—there’s not a “normal” level of libido you have to achieve. Listen to your body to determine what a normal sex drive looks like for you.

Women should check in with themselves every once in a while to detect changes in their sex drive. While libido can differ at various stages in life, some women may grow concerned if they’re not enjoying sex as much as they used to. Low sex drive can hinder self-esteem and negatively impact sexual relationships.

Speak with a physician if these signs last for more than six months:

  • Lack of interest in sex
  • Little to no sexual thoughts or fantasies
  • No attempts to initiate sex
  • Little to no pleasure from genital stimulation

Natural ways to gain pleasure from sex

You don’t have to live with a low sex drive forever. There are a few strategies you can try at home to raise your sex drive without medication. Check out the lifestyle habits that have helped many women find pleasure in sex.

  • Exercise: Aerobic and strengthening workouts can improve your sex drive. Getting in shape fosters a positive self-image and boosts confidence in the bedroom. Exercise can also give you the stamina necessary to participate during sex. Regular workouts are an effective mood booster, which is directly linked to a higher sex drive.
  • Scheduled intimacy: If you have a low sex drive, it can be difficult to prioritize intimacy on a regular basis. Waiting until you’re in the mood isn’t very effective if those moments are few and far between. To rekindle that libido, intimacy should become part of your routine. You can practice sexual techniques on your own or with a partner.
  • Stress relief: For many women, low sex drive is triggered by chronic stress. Stress can come from work, finances, family obligations or anything else in your life. Women who practice stress-relieving techniques have a better chance of improving their sex drive. There are many ways to reduce stress, such as journaling, meditating, spending time in nature and catching up with friends.
  • Less smoking and alcohol: These substances are capable of suppressing a woman’s sex drive. Alcohol in particular can make sex less pleasurable because it inhibits lubrication and makes it harder to orgasm. Cutting back on alcohol and tobacco can improve pleasure during sex, which in turn increases the desire for intimacy.

How to improve sex with your partner

Low libido may stem from tension within a relationship. Addressing issues with your partner can open the door to better sex and more of it. Here are some ways to improve sexual relationships and boost your libido in the process.

  • Experimentation: Sometimes couples need to break out of their routine to spark that passion. You and your partner can boost interest in sex by experimenting with new positions, locations or the time of day. Roleplaying and sex toys can also introduce some exciting new elements to the bedroom.
  • Communication: A lack of communication may cause partners to grow distant from each other. Partners need consistent, honest communication in order to understand their likes and dislikes during sex. Good communication lays the groundwork for stronger emotional connections, which can lead to more enjoyable intimacy.
  • Couples counseling: Some relationship issues require the help of a trained professional. Couples counseling is an effective tool that can help partners get their sexual intimacy back on track. Counselors teach couples how to communicate their wants and needs, and they can also help couples discover new techniques that enhance pleasure during sex.

Sexual health has its ups and downs based on what’s happening in your life. Some women may not even realize their sex drive is lower than usual until they take an honest look at their feelings toward sex. Self-reflection can put you on the right path to better relationships and sexual health!

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