Can Your Cellphone Harm Your Health?

You have a cell phone, of course. You may or may not have a landline - these days, why should you? And with new GPS technology, doesn't it just make perfect sense to arm your child with a phone - just in case? In fact, in some developed countries land-lines have become obsolete, as cell-phone technology has become more readily available than the laying of landlines. Cell phones are the radiation wave of the future, and show no sign of disappearing.

But do you know what risks are associated with using them? Even standing near them? Even living near or passing by cell phone towers? Not to scare you, but read on...

Research: Funded And Conducted By The Cell Phone Industry = Propaganda?

The great debate about safety and cell-phone use is a hot one, and is heavily armed on both sides. And consumers are continually calling for research into the safety of usage, as we should. But just like any published research studies, most are conducted and funded by the very industries that want to protect the interests of manufacturing companies. What this means is that most study results are "found" and "proven" by the scientists who find what they want to prove: the safety of that particular study. In other words: much published research is paid for by multi-billion dollar industries only concerned with keeping their products on the market.

Conspiracy theory aside, the truth about cell-phones is that we don't know much. Yet. Cell phone techonology hasn't been around long enough for scientists to really know, in entirety, what hazards can occur with usage. But there has been some research, and it has pointed in a very scary direction.

Cell Phone Radiation

Cell phones emit a particular kind of electromagnetic energy that is disruptive to our own electro-magnetic fields. Studies have shown that electromagnetic energy disrupts normal cell and nerve function, and can cause all kinds of damage. According to this site, there are two types of electromagnetic radiation:

  • Ionizing radiation - This type of radiation contains enough electromagnetic energy to strip atoms and molecules from the tissue and alter chemical reactions in the body. Gamma rays and X-rays are two forms of ionizing radiation. We know they cause damage, which is why we wear a lead vest when X-rays are taken of our bodies.
  • Non-ionizing radiation - Non-ionizing radiation is typically safe. It causes some heating effect, but usually not enough to cause any type of long-term damage to tissue. Radio-frequency energy, visible light and microwave radiation are considered non-ionizing.

On its Web site, the FDA states that "the available scientific evidence does not demonstrate any adverse health effects associated with the use of mobile phones." However, this does not mean that the potential for harm doesn't exist. And by the way, the FDA is an independent organization that does not do its own research, but grants particular status to manufacturers and products according to their own study results. Buyer, beware!

Radiation can damage human tissue if it is exposed to high levels of RF radiation, according to the FCC. RF radiation has the ability to heat human tissue, much like the way microwave ovens heat food. Damage to tissue can be caused by exposure to RF radiation because the body is not equipped to dissipate excessive amounts of heat. The eyes are particularly vulnerable due to the lack of blood flow in that area.

Cancer, DNA Damage, And More - Oh My!

Much research is showing that cell phone radiation is responsible for an increase in brain cancer (which FYI is the # 1 cancer-killer in children, these days). Not only that, it has been shown to cause other crazy concerns, like:

  • Harm your blood cells and cause cellular changes
  • Damage your DNA
  • Cause nerve-cell damage
  • Possibly accelerate and contribute to onset of autism, and trigger Alzheimer's disease
  • Damage your eyes
  • Cause sleep disruptions, fatigue and headaches

How Much Radiation Does Your Phone Emit?

According to the Environmental Working Group - a consumer watch-dog organization - using a phone with lower radiation than others can help limit exposure to dangerous waves. Find out if your phone is on their Top 10 Lowest Radiation or Top 10 Highest Radiation phones, HERE .

How Can You Protect Yourself And Family

Dump your phone. If you can't, for many understandable reasons, at least turn it off when you're not using it. Cell phones give off high levels of radiation intermittently, even when they are not in use.

Keep your child away from your phone! Children should never use cell phones. Their skulls are way thinner than adults, and radiation waves can penetrate deeper into their brains than ours.

Use a landline. Use a phone with a cord, that operates at 900 MHz - not a cord-less phone, which also emits waves. It is safer, and also less costly!

Keep Your Cell Phone Away From Your Body When it is On: The most dangerous place to be, in terms of radiation exposure, is within about six inches of the emitting antenna. You do not want any part of your body within that area.

Finally: spread the word! Industry isn't going to hand over dangerous news about their products anytime soon, and neither are our governments. Use your un-damaged brains, people, and think for yourselves! It's up to us, the money-spenders, to take a stand. For more info, check out my health guru Dr. Mercola's article on cell phones, HERE.

Always love, Sage

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