Can Hydrogen Peroxide Be Used as a Teeth Whitening Agent?

According to Thomas P. Connelly, D.D.S., hydrogen peroxide is an extremely effective teeth whitening agent. Even though most of us know it as a disinfectant for small wounds, it’s a very effective bleaching agent—and, a lot cheaper than over-the-counter whitening kits!

Many of these kits actually use hydrogen peroxide as their primary whitening agent, just in a higher strength (10%) than what you buy in a bottle (3%).

Dr. Connelly states, “But this concentration comes with a price for some people -- there are certain side effects that will affect some (but not all) users. The main side effects are tooth sensitivity and/or gum irritation… so if you find yourself returning from a dental cleaning with sensitive teeth, you may want to rethink using whitening strips or the like. But if you experience no side effects, then using Hydrogen Peroxide (in moderation) to help whiten teeth is probably OK.”

Sounds like a little hydrogen peroxide swabbed on the teeth, might be worth a try!

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