Honey is one of the most incredible substances on the planet, isn't it? It tastes delicious, is nutritious, and is even a natural antibiotic. Those amazing, industrious bees! They collect the nectar of flowers, bring it back to the hive, and transform it into that delectable ambrosia we call honey. I call it magic.

Manuka honey from New Zealand is one of the most healing known. It has unique antibacterial compounds that haven’t been found in other types of honey, and which are very effective against the bacteria that causes ulcers (H. pylori). I include Manuka UMF 16+ in protocols for gastric ulcers. Its antibacterial potency is measured using a ‘unique Manuka factor’ (UMF) scale that ranges from 0 – 30, with the higher the number, the stronger the antibacterial activity.

For your sheer enjoyment, sample different honeys from different flowers and locales. There are almost as many types or flavors of honey as there are flowers!

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