Baby, It’s Cold Outside! But a Little Ginger Will Warm You..

January Thaw
From ginger snaps to ginger tea, there’s hardly another spice that imparts a more welcoming warmth than Ginger does!

Ginger is especially beneficial for anyone with perpetually cold hands and feet... so if you "know anyone" who takes a hot water bottle to bed every night, they may want to give Ginger a try!

Ginger promotes vasodilation of blood vessels in the peripheral tissues and helps to warm one up 'from the inside out.' For this reason, Ginger is useful for inducing a sweat to help detoxify, or to sweat out a fever (have a serving while in a hot bath, to promote the most sweating). It will also help to loosen up tight muscles, and, as a vasodilator, may also lower blood pressure.

Ginger Gold Syrup features both dried and fresh Ginger root for maximum ‘zing‘ power!

Ginger Gold Syrup is a multipurpose, soothing formula that's helpful for many ailments, from nausea and upset tummies, to chills, poor circulation, and arthritic conditions.

• Eases nausea (travel, morning sickness)
• Enhances circulation
• Helps reduce joint inflammation
• Encourages optimal digestion
• Soothes sore throat

Creative Commons License photo credit: Double-O Devon

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