A victory against hair loss

Three years ago, just a few months before she turned 50, Ella started losing her hair. “I was so desperate when I lost my beautiful shiny black hair,” she says. Ella who lives in Fairfax, Virginia, was not ready to let her hair go. She tried every single hair loss product she could get her hands on, no matter the cost. “ I tried so many things to save my hair,” she remembers.

Unfortunately, Ella’s efforts did not pay off. “The more I tried, the more stressed I became, and the more hair I lost on the floor each morning. I was so sad,” she remembers.

Ella did not lose faith and went online to search for a miracle product to combat hair loss. She came across Natural Wellbeing and read every single review for the Hair Essentials product. It took her an entire day to read them all. At first, Ella was very skeptical, but she had nothing to lose. She gave the product a try, as a last-ditch effort to save her hair before turning to hair implants. She ordered three bottles to give a fair chance to the treatment.

“The morning I received my package in the mail I was super excited,” Ella remembers. “I trimmed my hair real short because there was nothing left anyway. I was so sad and so scared to look at myself at the mirror. I could see my scalp and bald spots everywhere, especially on the top of my head.”

Three years later, Ella is a transformed woman. Hair loss is only a bad memory now. “My hair grows like a weed,” she happily reports. Even though she never got her black shine back because the gray hair took over, Ella is just very happy that she got  her hair back. Her hair grows so fast now — about an inch every three weeks or so — that she has to colour her hair more frequently. But it doesn’t matter, and she knows she owes this spectacular result to Hair Essentials. “Trust me, it works! Be patient,” she says.


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