5 Vitamins and Minerals to Give Your Sex Drive a Boost

Low libido is a common challenge among women. Unfortunately, this persistent problem can spring from a wide range of causes. When your sex drive is dragging, one of the first things you should examine is your lifestyle, and that includes your nutrition.

Certain vitamins and minerals are essential to promoting blood flow, stabilizing mood and combating fatigue—all of which can help you feel in the mood more often. If you feel like your libido is lacking, take a closer look at your diet first and foremost.

Is vitamin deficiency at the root of your libido problems?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that nutritional deficiencies can lead to libido problems. When your body doesn’t have enough of a particular nutrient, it isn’t capable of functioning at 100%. Some areas of your health might start to suffer, including your sex drive.

Nutritional deficiencies often cause fatigue, which is enough to make anyone want to skip out on sex. On top of that, they can result in mental health challenges like depression, which also do a number on sexual desire. And, certain nutrients are vital to the production of sex hormones, which get things going mentally and physically before sex.

Eating a balanced and nutrient-rich diet every day (and skipping some of the processed and sugar-filled stuff) helps your body work as it should and can keep your libido running smoothly.

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The best vitamins and minerals for libido

Beyond simply eating healthy foods, you should pay attention to your intake of particular vitamins and minerals that are essential to a healthy and active sex drive. Specifically, these five nutrients aid in the body processes that support libido. Getting your recommended daily serving might be what you need to rebound your desire.

  1. Vitamin D: Vitamin D deficiency is extremely common in adults. Unfortunately, this means that libido troubles are also common, since vitamin D deficiency can cause a decrease in sex hormone production and an increase in depressive episodes. Egg yolks, fatty fish and red meat are common sources of vitamin D, but you should also spend ample time out in the sun to trigger your body’s natural production process.
  2. Zinc: Zinc plays an important role in producing testosterone, which both men and women need for proper hormonal balance. Without it, your hormone levels might be out of whack and reduce your interest in sex. Many fruits, vegetables and grains contain zinc, so you should be able to add it to your diet without much trouble.
  3. Magnesium: Magnesium is a versatile nutrient that plays a role in many systems throughout your body. Deficiencies in magnesium can result in body aches and cramps, fatigue, insomnia and even depression—all of which are sure to keep you from feeling in the mood. Additionally, magnesium contributes to healthy sex hormone production and activity in the body, which can improve arousal. Turn to leafy green vegetables, nuts and seeds for this mineral.
  4. Vitamin B12: Vitamin B12 is another vitamin that many adults lack, especially ones who follow a vegan diet. This vitamin is crucial for reducing stress and fatigue and helping your body create and use energy efficiently. B vitamins can be found in a lot of foods, but vitamin B12 is most often found in animal products like eggs. A B-complex supplement can ensure you get enough of all of them and bolster your energy levels.
  5. Omega-3 fatty acids: Omega-3 fatty acids are healthy fats that reduce inflammation throughout the body. They’re also essential for heart health and can improve circulation, which is necessary for getting blood flow to all the right areas. Omega-3s are commonly found in fish, or you can take a supplement like fish oil.

Nutrition is a major factor in libido

Nutrition is a commonly overlooked factor in low libido. Before you try all kinds of aphrodisiacs or medications to boost your sex drive, reexamine your daily diet and make sure you’re fueling your body with the right combination of vitamins and minerals.

However, nutrition is not the only piece of the reduced libido puzzle. Stress, exhaustion, current medications and more might also be playing their role. Focus on creating a healthy lifestyle first and foremost, then consider other sex drive boosters like herbal supplements, sex therapy and medication. By taking care of your body, you’re sure to start feeling more energized, happy and ready to enjoy intimacy with your partner again.

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