6 Routines to Develop a Happy and Healthy Life

Everyone has some type of daily routine. But too often, people go through the motions of everyday life without stopping to think whether they’re helping or hurting their health.

Little habits like hitting the snooze button or sipping energy drinks late at night might feel good in the moment but slowly chip away at our mental and physical wellbeing. A few changes here and there go a long way in boosting productivity and happiness.

Why everyone needs a healthy routine

Not all routines are good. Every little act contributes to a daily routine that will make or break your day. Replacing old habits with healthy ones will put you on track for boosted productivity and lower amounts of stress. Consistency is key for implementing a healthy routine, and as time progresses, you won’t be tempted to go back to your old ways!

Bad habits like scrolling through social media before bed might feel good in the moment but are detrimental to your long-term wellbeing. It’s hard to kick a bad habit because our brains don’t sense any immediate danger. But over time, unhealthy routines can lead to serious mental health consequences such as insomnia, depression and anxiety. Resist the instant release of dopamine and adopt habits that are in your best interest.

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Simple healthy habits you can start right now

Small adjustments in your routine can make a world of difference. A little bit of self-care each day will boost your energy, productivity and overall happiness. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  1. Hydrate with a glass of water: This one sounds like a no-brainer, yet few people remember to hydrate throughout the day. Kickstart your morning with a refreshing glass of water to prepare for what’s ahead. Studies have shown that being properly hydrated increases focus and boosts your mood. Next time you brew a pot of coffee, drink a quick glass of water while you wait for that much-needed caffeine!
  2. Do 10 minutes of light exercise: Next on the docket is exercise. Not everyone is the type of person to get up at the crack of dawn and go for a run, but you don’t have to be! Long, rigorous workouts in the morning aren’t for everyone. What every person does need is some type of movement to wake up their body. At the start of every morning, dedicate 10 minutes to a light activity such as walking your dog or a quick yoga session.
  3. Quick and simple meal prep: Everyone struggles to eat meals that are both accessible and good for you. Quick meals are par for the course in a busy day, whether you only get a 30-minute lunch break or need something to eat the second you come home from work. Choose recipes that incorporate fresh ingredients you can prep altogether at the start of each week. That way, you can throw together a meal in no time.
  4. Dump your thoughts before bed: At the end of a productive day, it’s difficult for many people to switch off their minds and go to sleep. You might find yourself lying awake at night, head swirling with a million thoughts of what’s in store for tomorrow. A nighttime ritual that includes journaling can help! Right before crawling into bed, write down what’s on your mind and save those worries for later.
  5. Practice meditation and breathing exercises: Meditation is another effective way to prepare your mind for sleep. It only takes a few minutes and can fit into your schedule wherever you need it the most. Focus on your breathing and practice mindfulness during each session. If you’re new to meditation, there’s no shortage of apps and audio recordings to guide you.
  6. End the day with a relaxing bath: Nothing compares to a good soak in the bathtub at the end of a long, stressful day. Baths melt your worries away and relax muscles that are tense from hours of sitting at a desk. A few drops of essential oils and some hot water is enough to transform your bathroom into a spa!

You don’t have to turn your whole life around all at once. Practice one or two of these healthy habits, then incorporate another once you get the hang of it. Successfully completing one habit will give you the confidence to keep adding more to your daily routine. After all, you should look forward to a healthy routine, not dread it! With these tips, you’ll start to feel good after just one day.

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