Adaptogenic Stress Relief - Natural Wellbeing
Adaptogenic Stress Relief - Natural Wellbeing
Adaptogenic Stress Relief
Adaptogenic Stress Relief
Adaptogenic Stress Relief - Natural Wellbeing
Adaptogenic Stress Relief - Natural Wellbeing
Adaptogenic Stress Relief
Adaptogenic Stress Relief

Adaptogenic Stress Relief

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Stay Strong Under Life's Daily Stresses

  • Helps strengthen your resilience to stress with powerful adaptogens
  • Restores your balance and energy when life is at its busiest
  • Supports a healthy immune response
  • Organic herbs and medicinal mushrooms
  • 120 veg caps (1-month supply), sustainably packaged

When life is moving at full speed, managing stress becomes one of the most important aspects of any woman's self-care routine. Chronic stress, especially, can affect your immune system and make you more susceptible to colds, flus or other illnesses, as well as affecting vulnerable parts of your inherited constitution. Stress also disrupts healthy restorative sleep, which can leave you feeling always tired and craving a good night's rest. It's easy to see how chronic stress can become a downward health spiral!

Adaptogenic Stress Relief is a powerful blend of organic adaptogen herbs and mushrooms designed to strengthen your body's resilience to stress, be that physical, mental, emotional, or environmental. It helps improve your energy, supports your nervous system to restore calm and balance, protects your immune system to strengthen your defenses, and promotes restful sleep.

Manage your busy life with energy, vitality, and calm wellbeing with the help of Adaptogenic Stress Relief.

This Natural Wellbeing favorite is sporting a fresh new look and name (formerly Anxiety & Stress Essentials) and improved formula!

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For Daily Support

Take four capsules daily with food.


  • If you are pregnant, nursing, have any health condition or are taking any medications, consult your doctor before use
  • If any adverse symptoms are experienced after using, discontinue use and consult your doctor. Keep out of the reach of children
  • These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product and information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

Active Ingredients per Serving

  • Organic Ashwagandha (root) (Withania somnifera)  300 mg
  • Organic Eleuthero (root) (Eleutherococcus senticosus) 220 mg
  • American Ginseng (root) (Panax quinquefolium)  220 mg
  • Organic Schisandra (berry) (Schisandra chinensis) 220 mg
  • Organic Reishi (fruiting body) (Ganoderma lucidum)  200 mg
  • Organic Cordyceps (mycelia) (Cordyceps militaris)  200 mg
  • Organic Bacopa (aerial parts) (Bacopa monnieri)  180 mg
  • Organic Maca (root) (Lepidium meyenii)  180 mg
  • Rhodiola (root) (Rhodiola rosea) Extract (std. 3% rosavins)  180 mg
  • Organic Licorice (root) (Glycyrrhiza glabra)  40 mg

Other Ingredients

  • Vegetable Cellulose (capsule)

Herbs are organically cultivated, sustainably harvested, or selectively imported.

To Our Planet

At Natural Wellbeing, we believe it’s vital to take responsibility in creating a positive environmental impact. Bottom line, we know it matters to us and to you.

We are committed to creating effective and environmentally responsible products. You will see our brand moving towards sustainability-driven packaging to reduce the use of non-renewable resources. Converting from rigid bottles to flexible gusset packaging means product packaging weighs less, resulting in improved transportation efficiency. Our recyclable gusset bags reduce landfill waste, are made from 30% post-consumer recycled content, are Sustainable Packaging Coalition Stream-compliant, and consume less energy in manufacturing to reduce carbon footprint and generate less greenhouse gas emissions. Our efforts are ongoing as part of our commitment to our planet.

For The Planet

To Giving Back

We proudly support Women for Women International which helps marginalized women in countries affected by conflict and war. Since 1993, this organization has served over 500,000 women by equipping them with life, business, and vocational skills. With these tools, women are able to earn income, improve their health and wellbeing, and learn about their legal rights to create a sustainable difference in their own lives and the lives of those around them.


Balancing Body & Mind

In order to maintain physical and mental harmony, awareness of factors that can impact both is vital. When you feel burnt out and run down, both your body and mind have more difficulty coping with anything additional that crops up. Addressing your stress, and supplementing with Adaptogenic Stress Relief, can help prevent vulnerability and keep you feeling stable. 


Maintain Your Resilience


It’s Not Just Bubble Baths

Formulated By

Our Clinical Herbalists

As herbalists and working women ourselves, we know that stress can be debilitating, both for your body and your personal life. We formulated Adaptogenic Stress Relief to offer a solution against the stressors life throws at you, providing you powerful natural support in maintaining your energy and wellbeing. We believe in the interconnected benefits that stress support can have upon increased energy and improved mood.


What are 'adaptogens'?

This special group of botanicals and medicinal mushrooms support key centers in your body involved in the physiological response to stress. Adaptogens help to regulate many hormones and neurotransmitters throughout the body, especially those of the adrenal glands. 

Can I use Adaptogenic Stress Relief every day?

Yes. Stress comes at us daily, in many forms - physical, mental, emotional and environmental - but the common denominator is that they all have an effect on your body. Adaptogenic Stress Relief is formulated to help you stay strong and resilient, every day.

Are there any side effects or precautions?

If you are pregnant, nursing, have any health condition or are taking any medications, consult your doctor before use.


Ashwagandha Root

Quite possibly nature's ultimate adaptogen, ashwagandha has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years for imbalances of 'vata.' This corresponds to our nervous system and the effects of stress upon it, and reflects ashwagandha's unparalleled calming and balancing properties. Ashwagandha is a powerful restorative to the entire body, helping to protect against the effects of stress and promoting a general sense of wellbeing.

Eleuthero Root

Eleuthero is one of the gentlest, yet most effective, adaptogenic herbs available. It is exceptional for its ability to increase physical stamina and energy and help overcome fatigue. Eleuthero also helps to strengthen the immune system and enhances our overall ability to resist the adverse effects of stress upon the body.

American Ginseng

American ginseng (Panax quinquefolium) is a more gentle, less stimulating counterpart to its Asian cousin, P. ginseng. It contains adaptogenic compounds called ginsenosides which provide many diverse and beneficial tonifying properties. American ginseng supports energy and vitality and is an excellent restorative for those who feel depleted or are recovering from chronic illness. It improves overall resistance to stress, helps strengthen the immune system, and may also help improve mood and sense of wellbeing.

Schisandra Berry

An adaptogen long-used in traditional Chinese medicine as a longevity and vitality tonic, schisandra berries strengthen the body's innate response to stress. It helps improve both mental and physical fatigue and supports memory, stamina, metabolic rate, and healthy immune system. Its Chinese name, Wu Wei Zi, literally means "five-flavored fruit" and is called this because the berry contains all five fundamental flavors: spicy, bitter, sweet, sour, and salty - an important aspect of its diverse effects.

Reishi Mushroom

Used for centuries in Asia as a longevity tonic, Reishi is considered by many to be "king" amongst the medicinal mushrooms and is revered as the "Mushroom of Immortality" for its adaptogenic benefits. Reishi's powerful immune modulation properties support our body's natural defenses to bacterial, viral, and fungal infections. Reishi is also beneficial to the respiratory system, helping to open the bronchial airways to ease breathing and congestion.


Cordyceps is a powerful medicinal mushroom especially helpful for exhaustion and fatigue. It has been shown to improve stamina and endurance, and possesses potent immunomodulating properties. Its benefits are attributable to a unique polysaccharide (a type of sugar) in cordyceps, called 'cordycepin.' Our cordyceps is certified organic and tested to ensure potency.


Used for thousands of years in Ayurveda as a brain tonic, bacopa is best known for improving the memory, sharpening mental acuity, and increasing concentration. It calms the mind and alleviates symptoms of stress, anxiousness and nervous debility, encouraging a more positive outlook. Bacopa has also been traditionally used to support healthy thyroid function and metabolism, an important aspect of maintaining balanced energy.

Maca Root

Renowned for its balancing effect upon the body's major stress communication system, maca's adaptogenic properties help to strengthen sexual vitality, overall energy, and support a positive sense of wellbeing. Maca has an extremely high nutritional value, being especially rich in minerals including iron and iodine which are essential to hormonal health.

Rhodiola Root

Rhodiola root is a premier adaptogen native to Siberia, and has traditionally been used to improve both physical and mental wellbeing. It contains notable compounds called 'rosavins' that may help regulate important neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine, that play a role in cognitive function, mood stability and positive wellbeing. Rhodiola has also been shown to strengthen energy and stamina.

Licorice Root

Chronic stress can leave the adrenal glands 'exhausted' by way of constant production of stress hormones, especially cortisol. Licorice root supports the adrenal glands by providing a natural 'cortisol-like' action in the body. This eases the burden on our adrenal glands by relieving them of the need to produce cortisol continuously when under stress.